When Is Veterans Day This Year 2019

This day is Celebrated as an anniversary of the signing armistice, which is related to the first World War, a conflict between the Allied Nations and Germany during 1918. in the USA on this day there is a public holiday and they present thanks to their Veterans, who served for the state and saved it from other opponent states. They celebrate this day on November 11, every year.

Now, you are obviously thinking that when will be the Veterans Day 2019 this year? So you are also thinking that this year the United States of America is celebrating on November 11, as always.

When Is Veterans Day This Year 2019

There is an interesting thing for the celebration of this day, if November 11, comes on a weekend, they celebrate this day on a working day. Like if the date is 11 November and the day is Sunday, they celebrate on next working day Monday and that is a holiday as a public holiday. Same as this if they face Saturday on November 11, they celebrate on Friday

When is Veteran’s Day This Year 2019

So Happy Veterans day this year on November 11, it is going to be a Sunday then they decide to celebrate this great day on Monday, Veteran’s day this Year November 12. The 12th of November 2019 will be considered as a federal holiday.

  • On this Day, they will praise their Veterans, who devoted their lives for the sake of their country and sacrificed for the country’s peace.
  • On this day as always, they will do parades to praise all the Veterans.
  • They will go to the church and will pray for them.
  • In different places, they will hang an American flag at half mast, for the honor of veterans.
  • At 11 am they will have a moment of silence for them at least two minutes.
  • Schools will also celebrate this day, the school recognizes some patriotic type programs.
  • Schools will hold programs by which they will try to create a sense of respect, honor, and love for those who served their country.
  • Some school will remain closed and children will go at the celebration places with their families.


That is a day of celebration, so by showing love and affection presents thanks to their heroes. This year on 12th November, they will show their thankful feelings and love to their Veterans to tell them that how much they regard them for their services. We all should pay thanks to all the veterans day out there.

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