When is Veterans Day Observed 2018

(Last Updated On: July 12, 2018)

When is Veterans Day Observed?

When is Veterans Day Observed? 
Most of the people are confused that Veterans Day may be a historic day for the military of USA but this is just a misunderstanding. This day is the opportunity for the American’s to celebrate the sacrifice and bravery of the Veterans.

when is veterans day observed

When is veterans day observed 2018

Moreover, some people are unaware of the fact that why the Veterans Day is observed on November 11, annually. This is really bad that citizens do not know about the purpose of Veterans Day.

So, let us get more information about this day that on When is Veterans Day observed each year and how is it celebrated.

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This day was known as Armistice Day and by the end of World War-I on November 11, 1918, a legal holiday was set. This was dedicated for the peace of the world after the end of World War-I.
Actually, this day is celebrated to honor the military persons who devoted their services and lives for the sake of the peace of America.

Veterans Day 2018 Observed Holiday will be on Monday, November 12 as a public holiday as of 11th November it is Sunday. On this occasion, they present honorary parades, all over the country they will celebrate the flag hanging ceremonies and the church services. First of all, at 11 am there will be a 2 minutes silence for the honor of all the militants. Schools and colleges are mostly closed but some are opened who organize this day and the students get the opportunity to celebrate it in their schools.

When is Veterans Day observed in ma?

As it is Sunday on November 11, this year, so the Veterans Day in MA will be celebrated on November, 12. Schools and colleges are mostly closed but some are opened who will organize this day and the students will get the opportunity to celebrate this day in their schools in the assemblies.
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