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Veterans Day VS Memorial Day VS Labor Day 2018

(Last Updated On: November 1, 2018)

Veterans Day VS Memorial Day VS Labor Day 2018

Veterans Day VS Memorial Day VS Labor Day 2018

Well, you are not alone if you do not know the difference between Veterans Day VS Memorial Day, as there are a lot more people like you who do not know the difference between Veterans Day VS Memorial Day. people often confused these days with each other so it is quite common. Let us throw the light on this fact and get that what is the major difference between Veterans Day VS Memorial Day.

Veterans day VS Memorial day

Veterans day VS Memorial day

This year there will be many Veterans Day vs Memorial Day memes that will come out to tell people like you that how are Veterans Day and Memorial Day different. You should be prepared for those memes to come, but we want you to know the difference before that.

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Let us know more about these days in details so that you will not be confused about celebrating these days this year.

Memorial Day vs Veterans Day vs Armed forces Day:

These three are official public holidays across the U.S. These recognize those who died in serving armed forces or are serving U.S. Armed forces. Now you ought to know the key difference between these so we will get deeper into this topic.

Memorial Day

All the military personnel is honored on this day who died serving in the military. All those who died as a result of wounds sustained while they were fighting on the battlefield. It is on 28th May 2018 so all the people across the country will honor all the military people who died while serving in the Army. Memorials and cemeteries are visited by the people and there are volunteers who decorate the graves of the national heroes with flags. Parades are done and a national moment is there at 3 PM local time. People light up the candles in remembrance of all the men and women who died during the battle or in peacetime.

Veterans Day 2018

Veterans Day VS Memorial Day

Veterans Day VS Memorial Day

Veterans Day 2018

This holiday is to remember all those who served military and they are not a part of it now. That does not matter if they have had served in wartime or not, still, they will be remembered and honored. It is celebrated on November 11 each year but as it is Sunday on this date this year so it will be observed on 12th of November. All the families of veterans come together to thank all the living veterans for the services they provided.

Armed Forces Day

veterans day vs memorial day Armed Forces Day

Veterans day vs Memorial day Armed Forces Day

This is the day to celebrate and thank all those who currently are serving the military and they are still a part of it. It will be celebrated on 12th of February this year on Monday, and all the people across the country paid tribute to all the women and men who are serving the Armed forces.

Now as you know the difference between these three days clearly, but there is one more day that people confused with all these days. Well, it is the labor day, so now you have to get clear about the difference between memorial day vs veterans day vs labor day.

Memorial Day VS Labor Day

As Memorial Day is the day when we remember the ones who died serving the Armed forces; and the labor day is totally different from it. Labor Day will be celebrated on the first Monday of September that will be 3rd of September 2018. Now, this day is to honor all the American workers who are just workers but they are not serving the Military.

Labor Day is celebrated to pay tribute to all the workers, yearly. All their economic achievements are honored so that a sense of prosperity and strength can be developed among the workers. Moreover, it is done for the well-being of the country as these workers are an important part of the nation.

Labor Day

Labor Day

All the Military persons are serving the country by their way but these labors are serving the country the other way. So, we should honor both of them that is why there are separate days to pay tributes to both of these.

Now, you know the difference between all these four days, you should pay tribute to everybody even if he is not serving the Military. Everyone has his own part for the prosperity of the Country.
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