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Veterans Day Parade 2018 , Veterans Day Parade NYC 2018

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Veterans Day Parade 2018

Veterans Day Parade 2018:- There are many memorials and monuments all across the nation that pay tribute to the Military men and women. Moreover, all the museums all around the country present the history of the sacrifices the military men did to protect the country. Veterans day parade 2018 will be held on November 12th, and the day will be celebrated with honor. You might be thinking what is there for you on this day? Then there is the list of the things you can do this year on Veterans day, and you can also enjoy Veterans Day Parade Washington DC 2018.


veterans day parade

veterans day parade

The Memorials Wreath Laying Ceremony

You can go to the Memorial of the National Mall on Veterans Day, this is the way you can pay tribute to the veterans.

There are many DC visitors and the veterans and their relatives, gather there and it is known as “The Wall”. This is done to honor the Military people who fought with bravery and those who are in service are honored as well. People contribute things at the memorial and to this day more than 4 lac things have been collected there. These observances begin by 1 o’clock afternoon each year on the Veterans Day.

Disabled Veterans Life Memorial

In order to remind the cost of war, you should pay a visit to the Disabled Veterans Life Memorial as it is a very powerful gesture. The National Memorial is honoring the sacrifices of all the Veterans who are disabled while protecting the country. There is the star-shaped fountain that is the centerpiece of the memorial, it is lit with a ceremonial flame. Tribute is paid to the military men and women and their stories are shared there. Now as far as the location of this Memorial is concerned then you can find it near the Botanic Garden in the US. You can go there by taking Metro to either Capitol South or Federal center.
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If you want to join the parade on this Veterans day and you are thinking about the expenses then be rest assured that there is no Veterans day parade cost. Yeah, that is right, the only expense you are going to bear is the travel expense that you will be paying while traveling towards the parade.

Veterans day parade 2017 was very amazing and it totally was able to pay complete tribute to the soldiers and their sacrifices.

Veterans day parade dc 2018 will amaze you this year as well when you will join it and pay tribute to all the Veterans.

veterans day parade

veterans day parade

Arlington National Cemetery, Women’s Memorial

You can also pay tribute to the Veterans by celebrating Veterans Day at the Arlington National Cemetery near Washington DC. The gravestones there at this Cemetery are open for over 160 years and it is pretty much impactful to provide the people with the impactful lesson that how the brave soldiers fought for their protection. The true costs of war are shown in this way, a walk is held there where you can walk around this park. It starts at 10:30 am and it is followed by the wreath laying ceremony. You can observe this wreath laying by the tomb of an unknown soldier.

veterans day parade nyc 2018

veterans day parade NYC 2018

You can see the Women’s memorial there and this is the only memorial that honors only women that defended the U.S in all services and during all eras.

Wandering at the Korean War Memorial

You can also go the Korean War Veterans Memorial during the during on the National Mall when you are looking for Veterans day parade float ideas. It consists of many structures that are there to honor the Veterans who sacrificed and provided their services for the sake of people.

veterans day parade nyc 2018

veterans day parade NYC 2018

All the Veterans are honored who are sacrificed during the war, there are images displayed. The images show the troops moving by air, land and the sea. In the center of the memorial space, there is the squadron of nineteen stainless steel figures of the members of each branch of the U.S Forces.

At World War II Memorial, Honouring the World War II Veterans

There is an Expansive Water, Bronze and stone memorial on the National Mall known as the National World war II Memorial. If you want to visit it then you can go to the Constitution Avenue and 17th street. This memorial is honoring 16 million women and men who served at the time of world war II and also the ones who lost their lives by that time. This majestic and grand space is perfect if you want to pay tribute to the Veterans. There you will find the amazing view if you visit it by the sunset hours and under the moonlight as well.


Now, you know that what are you going to do this Veterans Day, don’t miss anything mentioned above and try to pay tribute to all the Veterans by visiting all the places mentioned above.
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