Veterans Day Federal Holiday 2019

When we are talking about the most popular holidays of the U.S then Veterans Day federal holiday is one of them. It is a known fact that Veterans Day is observed on November 11th each year with full honor and gratitude. It is basically dedicated to the brave soldiers who had risked their lives for our freedom and protection. This day is celebrated to dignify and honor the Veterans who did not care about their lives but ours. The serving U.S Military persons are applauded and those who are living, the ones who died in the war we celebrate Memorial Day for them.

Veterans Day Federal Holiday 2019

Let’s say if the day falls on Sunday or Saturday, it will be celebrated on the adjacent Monday or Friday. All the federal offices and the schools remain closed on this day. You should have a look at the below-stated facts about Veterans Day so that you can add more to your information and knowledge.

Facts About The Veterans Day Federal Holiday

  • It was previously known as the Armistice Day and later it was changed to Veterans Day. Many countries celebrate it as Remembrance Day except Mozambique. Some of the countries also celebrate as the Anzac Day. All of these celebrations are done on November 11th each year.
  • After the World War I this day was celebrated as the Armistice Day in order to honor the brave soldiers who fought and died for the people of the nation. After that, there was a Veteran named Raymond Weeks who suggested that we should not only celebrate this day for the people who died fighting, but also for the people who are serving the military and who are retired from it. In the result, this day was converted from Armistice Day to Veterans Day officially on the 26th of May, 1954.
  • Later on, Raymond was awarded PCM (Presidential Citizenship Medal) from Reagan in 1982. He celebrated the Veterans Day for more than 35 years before his death. He died in 1985 after honoring all the Veterans and their sacrifices throughout his life.
  • You might not know that this day was not always celebrated on this date. By the year 1971, it was celebrated on the last Monday of the October month. This fact can create a log of confusion that why it is being celebrated on this day. Then, later in 1978, it was celebrated on the actual day that was the 11th of November each year.
  • There was an award that was introduced after this day was converted from Armistice Day to Veterans Day. This award is known as National Veterans Award that is given to all the deserving Veterans that day.
  • As far as the first National Veterans is concerned then it was given to the Congressman Ed Rees of Kansas. He got this award because he contributed towards making this veterans day as a federal holiday so he deserved this award.
  • Now the most interesting fact is that the Veterans Day and the birthday of the United States Marine is just a day away. See, as the Birthday is on 10th November and the Veterans Day is on 11th of November.

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