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Do you know as an active duty member or veteran, you are entitled to certain free items for your participating local business.

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We are in the process of curating a list of active duty and veteran discounts.

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We are in the process of curating a list of veteran services.

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Do you know each year, a speaker gives a remarkable speech on veterans?

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  • Veterans Day 2022 Nyc

    Veterans Day 2022 Nyc

    Get ready for an unforgettable Veterans Day 2022 in NYC! From parades to fireworks, learn about the history, celebrations, and tributes to honor our brave veterans.

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  • Veterans Day Statistics

    Veterans Day Statistics

    Discover fascinating statistics about Veterans Day, including the number of veterans, their age and gender distribution, employment rates, mental health issues, education levels, income and poverty rates, homelessness, and international comparisons. Gain insight into the contributions and challenges faced by veterans, emphasizing the importance of honoring and supporting them.

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  • Happy Veterans Day Cards

    Happy Veterans Day Cards

    Celebrate and honor our veterans with Happy Veterans Day Cards. Express gratitude and appreciation with beautiful designs and meaningful messages. Spread joy this Veterans Day!

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  • Trivia About Veterans Day

    Trivia About Veterans Day

    Explore fascinating trivia about Veterans Day, from its origins as Armistice Day to the significance of November 11th. Learn about the recognition and celebrations, symbols and traditions, common misconceptions, and how Veterans Day is observed around the world. Discover the largest Veterans Day parade and the connection between Veterans Day and sports. Join us in…

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